• Noades studio website on various devices
  • Noades studio website on a tablet
  • Noades studio website on a laptop

I designed & developed this site to promote a small holiday studio in the Cotswolds. Building on what was learnt from the last version of the site, we created a more focussed experience (that removed pain points for both users and the client) and improved the content to match what we'd learnt about the audience.

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  • Dusty Ohms tapes
  • Dusty Ohms tape outer sleeve
  • Dusty Ohms tape case
  • Dusty Ohms tape, case and sleeve
  • Dusty Ohms tape and sleeve

This super-limited-edition tape was created for the first full album release from Dusty Ohms. We really wanted to create something that listeners would prize, so we designed a full wraparound sleeve to give that extra special feel - whether you're listenting to the music or just looking at the tape.

A collaboration with scalpel wizard Matt Littler.


  • Swordfish Advertising website on various devices
  • Swordfish Advertising website on a tablet
  • Swordfish Advertising website on a smartphone

This was a sorely needed update to the Swordfish Advertising site that also served as a springboard for a brand update. I worked closely with the Creative Director and the developer to ensure we had a vision that worked as well in the browser as it did for the project stakeholders.

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  • Exmodern books
  • Exmodern cover
  • Exmodern introduction
  • Exmodern spread
  • Exmodern spread

A handmade, short edition book exploring the legacy of Brutalism and the public perception of Modernism in design. I printed and hand stitched every page myself, as well as shooting all of the photography - a labour of love, but also a great way to learn.

Jonny Falls Over

  • Foothills artwork
  • Foothills artwork detail
  • Foothills artwork detail
  • Jonny Falls Over logotype and icon

Artwork for multi-instrumentalist & producer Jonny Falls Over's debut solo EP. I created a logo for Jonny years ago, so It was a great opportunity to dig a lot deeper into his inspiration and the direction his music is taking.


I’m Oli, a Visual & UI Designer based in Bristol with 6 years agency experience. I've worked for a range of clients in a wide range of sectors, from music to pharmaceutical.

I strive to create design with purpose and honesty, that builds better relationships between my clients and their audiences. Most of my commercial experience is in the digital sector, but I also love a good bit of print and I believe that good design shouldn't be defined by the medium.

A lot of my recent digital work has been for the pharmaceutical industry, and as such I can't show it publicly - if you're interested in hiring me there's a lot more I can show you.

I'm currently working freelance whilst I look for a new full time opportunity to get excited about. If you'd like to talk about working together, just drop me an email.


  • Art direction
  • Graphic design
  • User experience & UI
  • Branding
  • HTML email
  • Front-end development
  • Prototyping
  • Lettering & type design